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My passion is exploring the connection between food and culture. I'm a regular contributor to Oakland Magazine, Paste Magazine, KQED.org Bay Area Bites, Edible East Bay and NOSH at Berkeleyside.org.

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1 mica and robert article

To the Restaurant's Immigrant Workers, Ba-Bite in Oakland Feels Like Home - KQED Bay Area Bites

They’ve won accolades for their silken hummus and rainbow of organic salads, but for the owners of Oakland’s Ba-Bite, the most precious thing the almost two-year old restaurant can display right now may be the Sanctuary Restaurant poster on their front door...

1 nazira and batool article

Refugees' Life Stories Deepen the Brew at 1951 Coffee Company - KQED Bay Area Bites

When baristas hand over your low-fat latte, you probably don’t consider the paths that brought them to stand across the counter from you. But at 1951 Coffee Company, the Berkeley café that opened in January and is staffed entirely by refugees, the baristas’ life journeys are actually the point...

Nite yun article

Noodle Soups Share Cambodian Culture at Nyum Bai | KQED Bay Area Bites...

Cambodian noodle soups make a big splash at newly opened Nyum Bai in Emeryville’s Public Market. Nite Yun wants to share her culture by sharing her favorite Cambodian street food...

Gaumenkitzel short ribs rutabaga stew 1 article

Bundle Up and Chow Down -Warming Winter Foods from 3 Cultures| Edible East Bay

Winters around the Bay do not call for mittens, woolen hats, and snow shovels, but most of us still appreciate an excuse to share comforting soups, stews, and steaming drinks with friends and family around the holidays...

Screen shot 2017 02 15 at 7.19.09 pm article

Meet Madame Huang -- Edible East Bay Spring 2017

Reporter Anna Mindess finds out how a taste of pressed duck launched Alameda resident Carolyn Phillips on a cookbook career...

11 berbere beef on injera uong article

Tofu Showdown Proves It's Anything but Boring :: January, 2017

If you diss tofu by calling it bland, blah and boring, it’s because you don’t really know tofu. In the right hands, the soybean curd’s multi-faceted personality can reveal itself as silky, velvety, unctuous, even crispy, crunchy and chewy...

Beijing yogurt article

5 Must-Eat Dishes in Beijing :: Paste Magazine :: October, 2016

Refreshing Beijing yogurt, warming Hot Pot, succulent Peking duck, comforting han-pulled noodles, crunchy, tart hawthorn berry candy...

Img 2841 article

Ancient Flours Rise Again | Edible East Bay Summer 2016

Growing interest in traditional grains—buckwheat, sorghum, and teff—goes far beyond their gluten-free credentials.
Story and photos by Anna Mindess

Herring am1 article

Second Look: Herring :: Paste Magazine :: July, 2016

As a little girl, I only recognized two food groups: grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs. This presented a challenge for weekend sleepovers at my grandparents’ house. My grandfather, a Russian Jewish immigrant who spoke mostly Yiddish...

Mozz bar new article article
The Washington Post

The Washington Post - All Signs Point to a Hit in San Francisco

A pair of Gallaudet alums are behind the deaf-run Mozzeria in San Francisco....

Traditional handmade noodles article
Oakland Magazine

High-rises and Hutongs Define Beijing - Oakland Magazine April 2016

Like a bowl of its intensely flavored noodles, Beijing is a tangle of contradictions. Gigantic public spaces display the still-proud face of Beijing’s past. Yet the narrow alleyways of its traditional neighborhoods known as hutongs preserve its cultural soul...

Somen header 2 article

Chill Out with Kyoto's Flowing Noodles : Paste Magazine: September, 2016

I am wilting like an over-watered plant in Kyoto’s steamy summer.
My friend Tomoko suggests the perfect lunch: icy noodles at a restaurant atop a cascading mountain stream. The only hitch is that we have to catch our noodles as they whizz down chilled water rushing through a bamboo tube.

Mariposa fruit galette 1920x1170 1 article

5 Dedicated Gluten-Free Bakeries Around the Bay Area -- KQED Bay Area Bites

Dedicated Gluten-Free Bakeries = sweet heaven for anyone with serious wheat intolerance. Luckily, the Bay Area is sprinkled with 5 such paradises from north to south and east to west...

1 yan toh heen scallops with pear1920 article

Dim Sum Delights in their Hong Kong Homeland | KQED Bay Area Bites

I’m awaiting the last course of a sublime dim sum luncheon in one of Hong Kong’s most elegant hotels. The menu lists a classic dessert, chilled mango custard. But suddenly, waiters appear and set down large covered glass bell jars, whose contents are shrouded by mysterious swirling clouds. As they whip off the lids with a flourish, huge geysers of white steam erupt a few feet into the air in several directions.

Monster pho pho article

Tee Tran's Monster Pho Conquers Oakland with Traditional Vietnamese Cooking -- KQED Bay Area Bites

Tee Tran's Monster Pho defies expectations. Tran, who opened this Oakland Vietnamese eatery last year, was warned repeatedly that as a first-time restaurant-owner with no previous experience, his plan was "impossible" and "doomed to fail." He has proven his critics wrong with simple, traditional dishes from his mother's recipes...